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  • Jump Like This

    Jump Like This

    Many people say that ‘white men can’t jump’, well, that’s not true in the case of the guy in this video. He is definitely white, and he can definitely jump higher than most people you know. And of course, if you’re serious about your game, a good vertical is always a plus. Watch and see this guy’s vertical leap and […]

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  • NBA Mixtapes: Bloopers

    NBA Mixtapes: Bloopers

    Everything has a lighter side if we just choose to look at them in a positive perspective. And so, even if the game of basketball, especially the NBA, seems so serious, it has a light side –a funny side, even. Watch this mixtape and see some of the funniest moments in the game. See big men fall into the crowds, […]

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  • The Blake Griffin Face ft. Chris Paul’s Son

    The Blake Griffin Face ft. Chris Paul’s Son

    Kids are just adorable, period. And one of the things they do that just makes everyone adore them is the impersonation they make of the adults around them. In this video, you’ll see that Chris Paul’s little boy is not exempt from the adorability that kids possess. Watch how, during a press conference after a game, he makes the “Blake […]

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  • Kobe Schools Bobblehead Reporter

    Kobe Schools Bobblehead Reporter

    What do you get when you have the Lakers’ team captain and NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant teaching a reporter from Time Magazine some basic basketball moves? You get a funny but at the same time informative video. Watch and learn how the Black Mamba does his stuff and laugh at how the Time reporter just nods his head like there’s […]

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  • The King in the Clutch

    The King in the Clutch

    Many detractors of LeBron James always say that he chokes in the clutch, that he doesn’t know how to close out games, and that he’s the superstar who passes in the last-second situations. Watch this video and see how the King proves them wrong by scoring 10 straight points in around 2 minutes to close out the Boston Celtics in […]

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  • Between the Legs Hesitation ft. LeBron James

    Between the Legs Hesitation ft. LeBron James

    The King has a whole arsenal of moves that makes him one of the most feared offensive players in the NBA. His skills are so varied that he can shoot a three from downtown at one moment, and he dunks like there’s no defender in the next. Watch this video and see one of his most effective basketball moves: the […]

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  • LAC TV Presents the Best Bloopers of the Season

    LAC TV Presents the Best Bloopers of the Season

    Since a basketball team’s television show usually documents every aspect of player and team life both on and off the court, it can’t be helped that some of their recorded moments are just plain funny. Watch as LAC TV presents the wackiest moments of the season in this video. See DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, and other Clippers make fun of […]

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  • NBA Top Ten: Circus Shots

    NBA Top Ten: Circus Shots

    Some of the coolest looking shots in the NBA are those that are just flung into the air as if they have no chance of going in. Most of these shots are taken with the players’ backs on the ring. And some of these shots are so amazing that they are named after a place where only the unexpected happens […]

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  • NBA BFFs: DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin

    NBA BFFs: DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin

    In the NBA, players forge friendships with their teammates not only for personal relations, but also to increase team chemistry which helps a lot in winning games. Sometimes, friendships become greater and closer that teammates could even be closer than brothers. Watch this video as two of the Los Angeles Clippers’ big men answer personal questions about each other and […]

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  • Team Workout: Pure Sweat Basketball

    Team Workout: Pure Sweat Basketball

    “It’s not about the number of hours you put in; it’s about what you put in those hours that really counts!” – Pure Sweat Basketball Watch this video and find inspiration as you practice with your own basketball team. Learn some of the drills needed to increase your team’s cohesiveness, skill and ability. Learn from Pure Sweat Basketball some of […]

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