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  • Fan Hits 4 Amazing Shots

    Fan Hits 4 Amazing Shots

    What a great shots! Check this out! Mavericks fan Fisher Floyd attempted 4 shots in a row at Mavericks game during half time including a half court shot, and he made it all which led him to win $3,000. Do you think he is really good or just lucky? If you enjoyed this video please give us a thumbs up.

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  • NBA Bloopers Episode

    NBA Bloopers Episode

    A great treat for all the NBA fans. Another great episode of FUNNY NBA! Shaq did a happy dancing. Kobe made a reporter smell his armpit, and Lebron made an annoying smile at the end. See if you can watch it without laughing or put a smile on your face. Enjoy…. If watching this video had made you smile, vote […]

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  • One Handed Free Throws

    One Handed Free Throws

    Almost all athletes use both hands to hold the ball before doing the free throw. In this video, Rudy Gay is attempting do free throws with just one hand. Do you think he’ll make it? Just notice his body and hand position, it’s amazing! Be sure to share this video with all your friends who love basketball.

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  • Lesson from Michael Jordan

    Lesson from Michael Jordan

    Check out this wonderful basketball lesson from Michael Jordan. In this video Michael shows some of the driving tips but particularly driving off the fake in basketball. Just listen, understand carefully of what he says and then go and practice it, and become a master of this technique. If you found this video useful in improving your basketball technique, let […]

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  • Increadible Basketball Shots

    Increadible Basketball Shots

    This an amazing video showing some crazy basketball shots by some crazy basketball players.     If you enjoyed this video please give us a thumbs up.

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  • Basketball Shooting Tips

    Basketball Shooting Tips

    In this great video tutorial, they are explaining how to shoot on perfect target without losing your body balance while standing or running as well as how to stand, how to make perfect body balance, how to make perfect hand positions and how to hold the ball in a perfect manner while attempting the shoot.   These are some basic […]

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