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  • Better Basketball: Creating Space

    Better Basketball: Creating Space

    An excellent scorer would always find ways of creating space so that he can get his shot without the possibility of being blocked by a defender. It is an important part of the playing style of players like D-Wade, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and others. In this video, every technique that could be used to create space is […]

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  • Better Basketball: The Super 7 Offensive

    Better Basketball: The Super 7 Offensive

    The Super 7 attack move makes use of the jab step at varying speeds in order to size up a defender well so that an attacker can get the shot he wants. It is an important addition to the list of moves of a better basketball player. In this video, the steps to perform the Super 7 are demonstrated. Watch […]

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  • The Amazing Art of Streetball Handling

    The Amazing Art of Streetball Handling

    A lot of basketball players become well known for posterizing dunks and highlight-reel shots, while others become famous for their ball handling skills. And some of the best ball handlers take their game to the streets, where the rules are loose and they have more chances of Watch some of the best streetballers deliver killer crossovers, deceptive hesitations, and funny […]

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  • A Basketball Move to Penetrate the Toughest Defenses

    A Basketball Move to Penetrate the Toughest Defenses

    A great scorer knows how to get through even the toughest defenses. To do this, you must have a move that could allow you to penetrate and finish against any opponent. Watch the hesitation move at work in this video. With subtle changes in speed, this move could be unstoppable even against the best defenders. Click “like” if you were […]

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  • Michael Jordan Best Fake

    Michael Jordan Best Fake

    What should you expect from a 6-time NBA champion and legend who is playing a bit past his prime? Nothing short of excellence! Watch as the great Michael Jordan makes one of the best fakes in the history of the game against an unfortunate Boston defender. Note that Jordan was already playing for the Washington Wizards at this time but […]

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  • Lesson from Kobe

    Lesson from Kobe

    Ever wished you could be as good as Kobe Bryant when you play ball with your friends? Watch this video and you’ll surely be a step ahead of them. Watch and learn as the Black Mamba himself demonstrates how to hold and shoot the ball properly, how to sell the fake, how to play your opponent’s weaknesses, and more! See […]

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  • Fade Away Technique

    Fade Away Technique

    Another great tutorial from Michael Jordan “Fade away from the left block” Watch the entire video, and see if you can pick up his technique and apply it to practice. It is a great technique if you perfect it. If you think Michael had taught a great technique, please be sure to share this video with your friends by clicking […]

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  • Lesson from Michael Jordan

    Lesson from Michael Jordan

    Check out this wonderful basketball lesson from Michael Jordan. In this video Michael shows some of the driving tips but particularly driving off the fake in basketball. Just listen, understand carefully of what he says and then go and practice it, and become a master of this technique. If you found this video useful in improving your basketball technique, let […]

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  • Basketball Shooting Tips

    Basketball Shooting Tips

    In this great video tutorial, they are explaining how to shoot on perfect target without losing your body balance while standing or running as well as how to stand, how to make perfect body balance, how to make perfect hand positions and how to hold the ball in a perfect manner while attempting the shoot.   These are some basic […]

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